Feel the fear. Do it anyway!

The last 3 years have been a rollercoaster of daring tries. My marriage of 13 years ended, I moved out on my own, started dating after not being on a single date in over a decade (terrifying!), my son became a teenager, and I left the corporate life and transitioned to being a life coach full-time owning my own career as the sole provider of my little family made up of my son and my doggo Bruce. ⁣⁣

During all these changes, while pulled in so many directions for everyone’s needs, I kept being called to also listen to my heart’s desires: I always wanted to live in a beach town in a warm sunny climate as my Seasonal Affected Disorder has been getting worse every year, and my sensitive nervous system wasn’t thriving in the dark and cold winters of the north. ⁣⁣

Last year was my goal to make the move to a beach location, that I had not even identified the exact town where it was to happen. I just knew it had to happen…somehow.

Unfortunately, dreams got delayed by the pandemic and then by me severely fracturing my kneecap and requiring surgery and bed rest for months and months. 

During that painful period though, the town I was to move to came to my knowledge and I slowly began to put the manifestation wheels in motion.

I kept focused and continued to do the inner and outer work to make my dreams a reality. The faith never died. The tenacity never rested. ⁣⁣

So finally, this year, I took the plunge and did it - I moved sight unseen to a place I never stepped foot in before: Naples, Florida. ⁣⁣

As I drove with my tiny moving truck filled with boxes into town, I worried “omg am I crazy?!? I just picked up my kid and dog and whatever I have in savings and took them to a town I’ve never even seen before?!? What if I don’t like it?? What if they don’t like it? What if my energy won’t feel “at home” in it? What if what if what if?? ⁣

As the days unfolded, I began to feel more at home than ever, and when I finally took a break from unpacking and organizing and drove to the beach, it all came together. My heart was at peace and my nervous system was in synch with my environment. My dream, came true 🙏🦋⁣⁣

Trauma may scatter us, but with our self agency, determination and consistency, we can reorganize and integrate a new life for ourselves. ⁣⁣

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