Frequently Asked Questions

Simple: my work is inspired from my own journey and healing process, having turned my own pain into purpose. What this means is that I am personally familiar with the multiple facets of the healing journey, the highs and the lows, and the strategies that I recommend to be implemented throughout the way. There's no BS here. 

I take great pride in the power of leading by example - I'm always out there walking my talk. I sometimes share some of these personal experiences with my clients or on social media, because I use my own healing journey and recovery to reduce the feeling of isolation and shame in others. That connection is a healing balm like no other for someone who is currently struggling in the trenches. As a client of mine pointed out one day "Ana Maria I love that you never heal AT us, you heal WITH us. This changes our whole experience." 

There's never any shame, judgement or guilt here. Just pure love and supporting guidance. As I always say: you're not alone anymore - hand in hand we got this!

And then, most importantly, I won’t ever try to stubbornly fit you into a standardized healing mold. Instead, I will mold my own skills around your individual healing needs. My coaching approach is attuned to YOU and never a one-size-fits-all template. I believe that each of our healing process is as personally unique as our finger print. 

Simple: my work is inspired from my own journey and healing process. Having turned my own pain into purpose, is what fuels and informs my coaching clients. What this means is that I am personally familiar with the multiple facets of the

My work is personalized and tailored to fit each one of my client’s lives. Every one of my coaching clients has their own individualized program, which is based on where they currently find themselves and what situation is requiring most attention. This means that my coaching approach is not a one-size-fits-all template. 

Furthermore, my coaching style promotes autonomy in my clients. You are not alone in your healing journey, but you are the one in charge, meaning that you’re not a victim anymore. You’re the one pressing the gas pedal. I’m here to help guide the way.

Together, we gently explore and examine the many layers while I help you on your journey of living a life that brings you the most joy, meaning, and sense of freedom through my laser focus on root cause, emotional literacy, trauma healing, and mindset redesign.

I am a proud witness of the power of what I like to call the 'life butterfly effect'. The concept of the butterfly effect serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings in one place on earth and that movement of its wings flapping, causing a typhoon in another part of the world.

It suggests that small events can have very large impacts. So: if your past has you struggling today, then, by the same token, the inner work and healing that you do today, will have you thriving tomorrow. I like to see it as the transformational impact of applying consistent and deliberate changes to heal and grow in our life.

The rainbow colours reflect my appreciation for the Wheel of Emotions (see blog section to learn more). My awareness of emotional literacy was the starting point that generated the butterfly effect of all good things thereafter on my own healing journey. The famous therapy question "And how does that make you feel?" is actually the first wing flap of the butterfly. 🦋🌈