“Wow, what can I say- I was hesitant to reach out to Ana Maria since she lives over a thousand miles away, but quickly I felt that I could trust her and her coaching made me see myself in a different light. Ana Maria’s insightful and practical coaching has helped me overcome my irritability, fear of intimacy, and connect the dots between childhood “missing experiences” and some of my fears as an adult. The best part of working with Ana Maria is her sense of humor- I feel like I am making discoveries left and right while having a good time. I cannot recommend highly enough working with her!”

  • “Working with you has helped me: normalize how I was feeling - I felt very raw and panicky after I had my son. I had never felt quite that way before and I didn’t know how to handle those feelings, if they were normal, if they would ever go away. So talking to someone who understood how I felt soothed me enormously and knowing that how I felt could be worked with made me much more relaxed.” — Alice

  • “My experience with Ana has taken me to a new wholistic level of healing that I didn’t realize was even available to me. Her approach focuses on honouring and respecting where you are, and is one of the most energetically intuitive people I have ever met, and feel that she can actually “read” what I’m feeling and thinking. She is professional, venerable and compassionate. To say that she is changing my life is an understatement, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.” — Kristen

  • “Definitely one of the most compassionate, loving and empowering healers that I know. I look forward to your help, sending you so much love.”

  • “I don’t have a lot of female role models but you are so definitely a model to me and a huge inspiration. Thank you for being here and thank you for the help you provide to others. You are amazing.”

“Ana Maria, the past four years have been nothing but a slammed door on my hurt and grief. Thank you for always walking arm in arm with me since I met you. There have been days when I didn’t think I could take another step, but I found myself being carried by your words. I can never express fully how you’ve helped me. There is GREAT love for you here. ”

“Ana you are a gift! We had a session and she is so compassionate, so deep. I felt energetically seen, heard and cared for in a very safe way. This is the deepest I’ve ever been able to go with someone and it helped me immensely. We uncovered so many deep-seated truths and patterns.” — Bailey

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