My Method


We are social creatures and we’re wired for human connection from as early as our mother’s womb. The need to be soothed, to be loved unconditionally, to be shown healthy lifestyle examples of resilience and emotional regulation by the adults raising us is essential during our formative years. It’s in healthy connection that empowering experiences are formed, trust is earned, encouragement is gained and compassion is felt. These are the key ingredients for a healthy foundation, to then build a successful and fulfilling life as an adult.



According to the CDC-Kaiser Permanente, the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (17,000 people were examined since 1995) is one of the largest investigations of childhood abuse clearly showing where abuse, neglect and household challenges caused difficulties in later-life health and well-being.

This means that the life experiences you had when you were young are the foundation on what your current adulthood has been built on. And as an adult, you’re now struggling with lots of symptoms: chronic physical issues, toxic relationships, unhealthy coping strategies, and emotional unrest.

I know this because I too have been there myself. I spent the most of my 20’s and early 30’s struggling with:

  1. anxiety and severe panic attacks

  2. depression

  3. digestive issues (IBS)

  4. chronic fatigue

  5. arthritis joint pain

  6. sleep difficulties

  7. stubborn continuing weight gain

  8. sudden appearance of cystic acne

  9. heavy hair loss

  10. disappearing period (diagnosis of menopause at 32 yo.)

  11. heart palpitations + arrhythmia

  12. uncontrollable body tremors

  13. toxic friendships

  14. toxic marriage

I have successfully healed from these conditions + circumstances and have been coaching clients to do the same.

One-on-one sessions

what to expect from me:


During our one-on-one coaching sessions, using root cause examination with my 4 pillars method of healing, we will be addressing:

  1. the dynamics of the environment you’re in

  2. the exploration of your mind body connection

  3. the quality of your relationships and connections

  4. and your internalized belief system

I will meet you with warmth, compassion and a stubborn dedication to guide you to heal your issues, traumas and blockages. There will be deep conversations, detailed questions, and personalized activities to rewire, re-parent and re-build from the root up. I’ve committed my focus on both personal journeys and human potentials and I’m a wholehearted advocate of the transformational power of perspective shifts and a growth mindset. It’s time to rise above it all because you are significant, worthy and deserving!

My promise is to guide you, help you dig deep and see you re-build a resilient foundation and tangible results from the bottom up — drawing from my years of skills as a coach + all the experience and wisdom I acquired from my own healing process. I also believe a person’s healing journey is as unique as their fingerprint and every healing protocol will be catered to each client individually.

Lastly: I’m not just another stuffed shirt social media unicorn coach using kool-aid healing modalities. I’ve been in the real deal trenches myself, and while there, drank my own share of marketed kool-aid that I was served from the so-called healers. I know what it’s like to be eager for change and drowning in despair so much so, that for their quick buck, I got burned with a variety of methods. I am very outspoken about this as I experienced first hand how highly damaging and re-traumatizing it is to go through this experience. You won’t find that here.

True recovery takes place when you are supported and show up “all-in” with determination - so powerful! And I pledge to be hand-in-hand with you, from where you are now through to meaningful, long-lasting results.



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